Keeping Our Neighborhoods Beautiful

Many communities in the 14th District are confronted with the problem of lots which become overgrown with tall grass, weeds, covered with trash and debris, and a haven for disease-carrying birds and rodents. Just one negligent property owner can be a blight on an entire neighborhood’s effort to keep their community clean and beautiful.

In recognition of this nuisance, I have taken actions such as sponsoring the Mandatory Garbage Services Ordinance, which institutes a requirement for all residents in unincorporated Cook County to dispose of their garbage with a refuse removal service.

Overgrown property, improper garbage storage and standing water is regulated in unincorporated Cook County as a public health nuisance. Prohibited public health nuisances include:

  • Failing to cut grass, weeds, or brush in a manner that may harbor vectors
  • Allowing garbage or litter to accumulate on a property
  • Failing to have garbage removed at least once a week by a State of Illinois licensed waste hauler
  • Storing or permitting the accumulation of tires, buckets, garbage cans, or other containers in a manner that may hold water and harbor vectors
  • Allowing pet waste to accumulate on the ground

Due to the current economic environment, foreclosures have unfortunately become more commonplace, and property which is under foreclosure is especially likely to lack the maintenance necessary to ensure a clean, healthy residential property.

If you know of property that is not properly maintained in your neighborhood, please contact the Environmental Health division of the Cook County Department of Public Health at (847) 818-2841.

You may also contact my office by phone at 312-603-4932, or by e-mail at  

We are eager to work with you to help keep our neighborhoods beautiful.