Transparency & Accountability

As part of his mission to “provide efficient, effective, economical and compassionate management of county business,” Commissioner Goslin is dedicated to increasing transparency and accountability at the county.

In this spirit, Commissioner Goslin believes every effort should be made to make county government and spending decisions accessible to Cook County taxpayers. Below, you will find links to several sites that provide such information:

14th District Reports & Information

Tax Dollars Returned to the District

Commissioner Goslin keeps track of the tax dollars returned to the District through county services such as Highway maintenance and construction and Forest Preserve District restoration.

Office Expenses

Managing taxpayer resources in an economical manner for office functions and constituent services, Commissioner Goslin has returned money to the County General Fund every year.

Contingency Expense Reports

Commissioner Goslin no longer accepts contingency funds, but he has posted previous Contingency Expense Reports on his website in an easy-to-view format. Copies of the report are also available for download at the Secretary to the Board’s website.

County Reports & Information

Monthly Check Register

Commissioner Goslin sponsored a resolution directing the Cook County Comptroller to create a monthly check register of its main checking account that can be accessed via the Cook County Web Page.  This searchable check register is now operational.

Taxing Districts’ Audited Financial Reports

The Debt Disclosure Ordinance, sponsored by Commissioner Goslin, requires taxing districts to provide their most recent audited financial statements on or before the last Tuesday in December. Taxpayers may conduct a search by Taxing District name to download any audited financial reports uploaded by a particular agency.

 County Budget Website

The Cook County budget website includes the appropriations bill for the current and prior fiscal year, charts comparing the budget to previous year spending and a link to the open data website for budget information from previous years.  

Forest Preserve Reports & Information

FPD Budget Website

The FPD budget website includes a breakdown of the current budget allocation and a link to budget information from previous years.